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The United Campus Workers Stand in Solidarity With Howard Protestors

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The UCWGA Executive Board supports Howard University students' call to #CancelCorvias:

We, the Executive Board of the United Campus Workers of Georgia, express our support for the students, parents, alumni, and other community members of Howard University in their calls for safe housing, healthcare, representation, and transparency. 

As a wall-to-wall union that works to promote justice and genuine shared governance in higher education, we believe that truly open and participatory decision-making promotes better, fairer institutions. We also believe that the privatization and corporatization of the services, facilities, and functions of colleges and universities is a fundamental threat to the public-service mission of higher education.

In particular, given our own state system’s troubling relationship with private dorm contractor Corvias, we are in solidarity with the student-led movement demanding Howard University terminate its connection with Corvias. Members of our union have spent over a year researching the nature of the partnership between Corvias and the University System of Georgia. We have discovered that Corvias management has been neglectful and obstructive. Its actions have cost our system resources that should have gone to our mission. We have concluded that relationships such as these between private corporations and institutions of higher education are inappropriate.

We recognize that, by demanding fair treatment and reparative action from their administration, including an end to its partnership with Corvias, Howard University students are pursuing the same goals and ideals for which our union works. We support their movement and honor the determination and persistence with which they continue to advance it.

Here is a link to their petition. Housing is a right-- not a privelege. It's time for Corvias to address the crises it has forced on students and veterans!